Our Dental Castle

We are proud to have practiced dentistry in Allen for over 30 years and call this city home. Our office, a familiar building modeled from memory after a castle in Germany is located near the highway and is highly accessible.

Custom designed and crafted from the ground up in 2013 by Dr. Bishop, himself, who comes from a long line of carpenters, the design and development hurdles required over 8 years to overcome. The inner timber framing in the lobby is 29 feet tall to the peak, 55ft long and 28ft wide and is all supported with cypress timbers, an ode to Dr. Bishop's great grandfather who was a timber framer for barns in Missouri. The design of the timber was drawn out on his driveway, carved by hand, and assembled with a centuries-old technique that took over 3 months to master.

It was truly a labor of love.

Feel free to stop by anytime and see what a real timber frame structure that wasn't fabricated by machines and uses no metal whatsoever, looks like! We believe in hard work, mastery of skills, and attention to detail and we hope our practice reflects that, We can't wait to meet you!