We proudly offer preventive services for all ages. By beginning routine dental care at a young age, we can lay groundwork for lifelong oral health. At The Dentist of Allen, we are dedicated to helping you and your family maintain lifelong oral health. For this reason, we place a major emphasis on preventive dentistry. When you visit our practice, you will benefit from our meticulous cleanings and exams, which are performed in the utmost comfort. 

Brushing and flossing are essential. Nevertheless, at-home hygiene is not guaranteed to completely remove plaque. For this reason, it is vital that you visit the dentist regularly. With routine visits, your hygienist can eradicate those harmful microbes. Your dentist can also look for the signs of cavities and gum disease before you experience discomfort or significant damage. It is recommended that everyone undergo checkups every six months. If you have a history of cavities, gum disease, or related problems, you may need more frequent appointments.

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Regular appointments with our dedicated team will allow us to locate potential problems and areas of damage at the earliest possible stages, as well as refresh your teeth and gums and remove tricky plaque.

At every routine visit, your hygienist will thoroughly clean your teeth. They will remove bacteria and plaque, and will use very gentle techniques to get rid of tartar. With care and precision, most patients find our dental cleanings to be pleasant and relaxing. At the same time, we recognize that you may experience some anxiety at the thought of a dental visit. For this reason, we offer several effective forms of sedation.

Along with your cleaning, you will receive a thorough checkup. One of our dentists will inspect your teeth and gums, looking for visible decay and inflammation. In most cases, we will take x-rays at every other visit. If we notice any cause for concern, we will provide appropriate, conservative care, such as a filling or a deep cleaning.


The tricky pits and grooves on your back molars can be difficult to clean properly, especially for children who are still learning about proper oral hygiene. Dr. Bishop, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Koekler recommend having sealants placed in these areas. By painting the sealant directly over the chewing surface of the tooth, we can create a tough barrier that keeps bacteria out and lessens the possibility of cavities.


Unlike traditional machines, our advanced digital X-ray technology can capture detailed images of your smile and transfer them to a nearby monitor in seconds, allowing for rotation, magnification, and color-coding. Better yet, patients are exposed to up to 90% less radiation overall.


Putting off dental treatment because you suffer from anxiety or are afraid of undergoing substantial dental work can jeopardize your health and worsen your condition. Sedation dentistry can help you take charge of your wellbeing and remain comfortable while receiving the treatment you need. Here in Allen, our team offers sedation techniques that can help you feel at ease as we improve the health and beauty of your smile. Both nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation are available.


On average, oral cancer kills one person each hour. Your safety and overall health are so important to our entire team, which is why we strongly recommend that adults make an oral cancer screening part of their regular check-ups. During this time, a hygenist will scan your mouth for tell-tale signs of cancerous cells and alert you right away if we locate anything suspicious. By taking action early on, the chances of successful treatment rise significantly.

If you need to establish routine care, or if you are looking for a new dentist for your family, click our phone number below or request an appointment today. We look forward to helping every member of your family experience the profound benefits of excellent oral health.