+ Do you take my insurance?

Yes, if the plan is a PPO plan we will file your insurance on your behalf.

+ Are you in-network or contracted with my Insurance?

No, we are not contracted with any dental insurance plans. We feel that dental insurance companies try to dictate the type of care and quality of materials we can provide; due to this we felt that is not fair to our patients to compromise their level of quality care. We have found that after 35 years providing exceptional dental services our patients appreciate our dedication to superior quality dentistry even if there is some out of pocket cost involved for them. We keep the cost the same for all our patients.

Our dentists recommend conservative approaches to treatment needs unless you are interested in cosmetic options. We try to improve or maintain the function of your teeth to help last you a lifetime. Sometimes procedures are not covered by the insurance plan but the dentist believes it necessary treatment, therefor it is still in your best interest to have the procedure completed.

+ Why did I get a bill from you when my plan pays 100% for that service?

We find that many times there is fine print area on your dental plan and there may be a capped amount allowed, if our fee is over that amount the plan will only pay up to that amount, which would mean you have to pay the difference out of pocket. Insurance companies don’t share that information with us so we do not always know in advance what that cost would be to you. We always encourage patients to call their insurance beforehand so they are fully aware of situations like this.

+ I have open enrollment coming up, what plan should I chose?

Make sure it is a PPO plan and you can go to any dentist of your choosing. Look at high and low options to determine what would be best for you and your family. Review annual maximums, if they list allowed amount or usual and customary keep in mind the percentages they say will apply may actually pay lower based on a capped amount and you may owe more than that percentage.


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