Five reasons to talk to your dentist


Whether you have one tooth affected, two or more missing, or most or all teeth affected, we have a restorative solution for you! Here are five reasons it’s time to talk a doctor about Dental Implants in Allen, Texas!

1. You are avoiding certain foods because they are too difficult to eat.

Getting a tooth replaced brings back your full chewing function so you can go back to enjoying the foods you love.

2. One or several teeth in your mouth are missing or going to be removed.

A dental restoration at the right time can prevent further oral health complications that could affect remaining healthy teeth.

3. You are suffering from headaches or migraines since you've lost one or several teeth.

Missing teeth can often affect the positioning of your other healthy teeth, causing a misalignment of your teeth and of the upper and lower jaws, and stiffness in the muscle and joints.

4. Your facial silhouette has changed since losing one or more teeth.

A lack of teeth can severely reduce the density of jawbone because it is no longer stimulated when chewing. This leads to a shrinking jawline, which makes you look older than you really are.

5. You are unhappy with the appearance of your teeth.

Discolored, uneven, and damaged teeth can affect your smile and facial profile. Ask us for options to restore your smile!

Restoring and replacing your teeth to the best of appearance and natural function can help you to enjoy life to the fullest!

Give us a call to learn more about your options with Dental Implants!