The most recent December issue of the Texas Monthly Magazine has listed "Super Dentists" throughout the state in a directory fashion. Since David R Bishop DDS is the representative for TheDentistofAllen.com, we have been chosen again and are listed in their directory under my name but we have never invested in an ad for their issues.

We, at TheDentistofAllen.com, would like to identify a point that is extremely clear to us and needs to be said.

Our patients are the absolute best patients in the state of Texas.

That doesn't imply there are perfect teeth in every mouth. It implies our patients laugh and smile with us when we work.

We never have to wait on a patient for their appointment and they never wait on us. For those of you reading this that have been late to an appointment, remember that you always called us and told us what the blasted traffic is like on Hwy 75. We have cancellations at the last minute
and I remember when I had to cancel patients when I left to meet my wife delivering my children at the hospital. We understand the need for compassion in such an uncomfortable service. It is amazing the unsolicited apologies that pull on our heartstrings; because we know.

We have discussions about costs like I had for my $85,000 knee when I broke it skiing. Hey, we're all human and we're all looking for equitable value and certainly extremely skilled hands. All of our patients are second to none from our point of view. We scour the earth delivering the latest techniques and materials for everything we do because that's what we do and you would do it for us.

I've recently added new employees to my staff and their universal comment is how wonderful the patients are at our office, much different from where they came. That is a huge reason for my staff's long tenure working here.

We want to thank every one of our patients for being the absolute
best and extend an invitation to anyone that would like to join us at
TheDentistofAllen.com; everyone is welcome.

- David Bishop, DDS