Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Paul is really hesitant to go to the dentist because they always

find something wrong with his teeth and he knows he'll have to come

back and have work done and he isn't in the mood to even pay his

portion after insurance. If you can relate to this, you're not alone.


   Dr. Smile is walking into the room after Paul has had his teeth

cleaned and knows Paul has anxiety about work he has had done in the

past so the pressure is on the dentist to "not" find anything. Reality

is, he needs to be effective in deciding on issues that require

intervention or it may progress until either more work is necessary,

it could start hurting, or the tooth could be lost. Stress on both

sides.  Skill and diplomacy is paramount from the dentist on these

matters and it becomes difficult to choose the right words and deliver

professionally. is unbridled by corporate pressure to provide

income to a third party owner usually in a different state. I

frequently hear the notion that dental work is being done that doesn't

need to be done by dentists and the first defense a patient has to

protect himself from that notion is to establish a dental relationship

with a dental team that is not owned by a third party we call corporate.


There are more than 18 corporate dental practices in Allen
some disguised as private practices. PPO dental insurance unlike
medical insurance is a corporate product.


    The entire team at is focused on educating

every patient on why any procedure needs to be done. Xrays are not

difficult to understand when a skilled professional demonstrates and

points out issues on them. Models help with advanced procedures like

implants and cameras can illustrate things that are almost impossible

for the patient to see in the back of their mouth. A sequence of

photos taken of the mouth over a tenure of treatment years can

indicate deteriorating pathways that are presented to patients so they

can determine how treatment may take place in the challenging life we

all live in. Options can be outlined with pros and cons to be

considered by the patient. Every final pathway chosen by the patient

is the right one for them. When all the details are presented and a

patient chooses their treatment choice, is 100%

in support and driven to provide the absolute best that can be done

for that option.


     We invite you to visit our team at that is

second to none and has provided dental care to over 55,000 patients

over 35 years. Our pace is organized, efficient, and respectful of

your time and dental needs. You will be satisfied and impressed with

your care. 

Dr. David Bishop, DDS