Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Dr. David Bishop, DDS

The dentist's bedside manner is probably the highest on the list. Most people choose a physician the same way, a good listener, easy to talk to and confide with, a track record of pleased patients. There is also the relationship with the hygienist in dentistry since you see the hygienist more than the dentist. Do you get coached or lectured? You’ve heard recommendations before, you don’t need to hear them every visit.

90% of the new patients that choose The Dentist of Allen are referred by other patients.


People refer friends like themselves when they feel very comfortable with the referral. Long term employees signify a polished and steady delivery of care. Unfortunately, The Dentist of Allen recently lost an 18 year employee to retirement. has occupied a state of the art new facility built in 2013, the culmination of bringing together 3 dentists with schooling spanning 30 years (1983, 1992, 2013) to offer a strong foundation of the latest skillset available.

They provide experienced referrals when needed from tenured specialists they have had long track records with. Post doctoral training with doctors provide skills not routinely required but compliment even simple procedures and of course when needed for comprehensive options like cosmetics, implants, IV sedation, and teeth in a day. Expanded hours beginning at 7am and ending at 7pm offer convenience. Several hygienists work together so families can accomplish a routine visit all at the same time.

DSC01156.jpg tenure delivers accomplished lab support connections that behind the scenes, delivers the quality product required for long term dental health. The time required in dentistry to accumulate this complimentary support and develop that team communication is an entire practice lifetime. Dental lab work is the finishing touch to many dental procedures including the implant, crown, All on 4, partial, denture, etc..

Care is taken to assure the best materials and skill is delivered when our labs participate. There are no “specials” in a service skilled product like dentistry, finesse and details are always lost that way, regardless of the noble intentions. That would also mean that the usual fee isn’t the best that can be offered.

Hygienists are provided an opportunity by law to provide hygiene outside of a dental practice. All fail since they can’t provide competitive fees so the reality is hygiene fees provide a service to patients at break even to a dental practice. Gimmicks are exactly what the word indicates when “enticements” are used to attract patients with advertisements; there’s always a catch. Specials for new patients only? Aren’t the existing patients that have been in the practice the ones that deserve the special.

Visit for any of your dental needs knowing you are making the best choice you can make for you and your families dental health. You will not be disappointed.

David Bishop, DDS