Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Ten years ago Anklos Implants from Germany offered me an all expense paid trip for training at their Dental School for selected dentists chosen by a specialist Dr. Marco Cueva here in Allen. I was honored to be selected and attended with my wife, Bonnie. TheDentistofAllen.com architecture was inspired by ideas from this trip. We designed a tour following the week long training and rented a car. The autobahn is unbelievable. I tried to tell Bonnie I wasn't sure how fast 175 kilometers/hour was but it gets you there with time to spare.


   I experienced several amazing things on that trip and immediately began designing and building a pyramid carousel from a memory of one 10 feet tall in Kathy Wolfahrts Christmas shop in Rothenburg. Google images of that place to capture the essence of the experience. I call it a carousel since it rotates like a carousel but they are really called pyramids in Germany. Fredericksburg has one they put up every Christmas in their Marktplatz. In the 14th century, the Germans mined coal and lifted the coal to the surface by lighting fires under fan supported by pyramid shaped lifts that turned with the rising heat from the fires. Now they are table top miniatures powered by candle that feature a manger scene.

   Clarence Carter, a mechanical genius friend of mine, helped by
designing and welding a metal base with a mechanism that started out with a dryer electric motor turning a gear from a lawn mower tractor transmission to a derailleur idler arm from a bicycle with its bicycle chain to turn a wheel barrow wheel up against a wooden disc stage on the first level. Parts assemble up 2 additional levels to finish under the paddles like a big fan mimicking the original full sized pyramids 18 feet tall.

   I took the mechanism and built a wooden structure embellished a
bit. Rough cedar, typical pine 2x4s, some plywood and deck screws
helped. I used a hand held scroll saw to cut curves in the cedar
aprons surrounding each level to add a European look. The design is a
timber frame approach that uses pegs and cauls to put it together
since it has to be disassembled each year. Each level progressed in my
2 car sized wood shop and involved a lot of drawings and erasures.
Things materialized on the fly using a small counter sized model to
follow that we still use to decorate the dental office at
TheDentistofAllen.com at Christmas.

    Hobby Lobby had figurines that fit perfectly to scale. They called
me in on a Saturday to pick them up only to discover it was a half off
day sale. It required a lot of tweaking with the different levels
since the manger scene remains still and the Wise Men rotate around
it. The Sheppard rotates on the second level with his sheep while the
3 Angels on the third level trumpet the amazing event standing still.
Lighting illuminates the entire scene at night where it can be seen on
the lawn of TheDentistofAllen.com, the SE corner of Exchange Pkwy and
Hwy 75 across from the clear sound barrier Berlin wall. Feel free to
step close to see or take Christmas photos; that's what it's all

Dr. David Bishop, DDS