Happy 5 Years Dr. Koelker!


We are so fortunate to have Dr. Koelker as part of our team of doctors. We can’t believe he has already been #makingallensmile for 5 years. Have you met Dr. Koelker?

Dr. Koelker’s patients appreciate his profound interest in their health and his constant attention to the latest advancements in dental care. His specialized skills help him successfully execute complex and detailed dental procedures. Dr. Koelker is an outstanding clinician, but he’s also committed to providing comfortable and comprehensive care centered around the patient.

An Allen native, Dr. Koelker grew up in Allen and graduated from Allen High School in 2003. Go Eagles! He continued his education by attending Texas Tech University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and excelled, graduating with honors. Dr. Koelker furthered his education by receiving his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the prestigious University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio in 2012 and graduated with honors as well.


After graduation, due to his excellence and passion, he was chosen for an Advanced Education in General Dentistry residency where he received specialized skills in IV sedation, implant placement, and wisdom teeth removal. Dr. Koelker then moved back to his hometown and joined Dr. Bishop and Dr. Kim at The Dentist of Allen in 2013.

He feels blessed to be practicing dentistry in his hometown and is devoted to providing the best quality dental care for his patients. Past patients have said that Dr. Koelker takes the time to answer your questions and thoroughly explain your treatment options!

Do you have a question for Dr. Koelker?


 Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Paul is really hesitant to go to the dentist because they always

find something wrong with his teeth and he knows he'll have to come

back and have work done and he isn't in the mood to even pay his

portion after insurance. If you can relate to this, you're not alone.


   Dr. Smile is walking into the room after Paul has had his teeth

cleaned and knows Paul has anxiety about work he has had done in the

past so the pressure is on the dentist to "not" find anything. Reality

is, he needs to be effective in deciding on issues that require

intervention or it may progress until either more work is necessary,

it could start hurting, or the tooth could be lost. Stress on both

sides.  Skill and diplomacy is paramount from the dentist on these

matters and it becomes difficult to choose the right words and deliver



   TheDentistofAllen.com is unbridled by corporate pressure to provide

income to a third party owner usually in a different state. I

frequently hear the notion that dental work is being done that doesn't

need to be done by dentists and the first defense a patient has to

protect himself from that notion is to establish a dental relationship

with a dental team that is not owned by a third party we call corporate.


There are more than 18 corporate dental practices in Allen
some disguised as private practices. PPO dental insurance unlike
medical insurance is a corporate product.


    The entire team at TheDentistofAllen.com is focused on educating

every patient on why any procedure needs to be done. Xrays are not

difficult to understand when a skilled professional demonstrates and

points out issues on them. Models help with advanced procedures like

implants and cameras can illustrate things that are almost impossible

for the patient to see in the back of their mouth. A sequence of

photos taken of the mouth over a tenure of treatment years can

indicate deteriorating pathways that are presented to patients so they

can determine how treatment may take place in the challenging life we

all live in. Options can be outlined with pros and cons to be

considered by the patient. Every final pathway chosen by the patient

is the right one for them. When all the details are presented and a

patient chooses their treatment choice, TheDentistofAllen.com is 100%

in support and driven to provide the absolute best that can be done

for that option.


     We invite you to visit our team at TheDentistofAllen.com that is

second to none and has provided dental care to over 55,000 patients

over 35 years. Our pace is organized, efficient, and respectful of

your time and dental needs. You will be satisfied and impressed with

your care. 

Dr. David Bishop, DDS


 Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Ten years ago Anklos Implants from Germany offered me an all expense paid trip for training at their Dental School for selected dentists chosen by a specialist Dr. Marco Cueva here in Allen. I was honored to be selected and attended with my wife, Bonnie. TheDentistofAllen.com architecture was inspired by ideas from this trip. We designed a tour following the week long training and rented a car. The autobahn is unbelievable. I tried to tell Bonnie I wasn't sure how fast 175 kilometers/hour was but it gets you there with time
to spare.

   I experienced several amazing things on that trip and immediately began designing and building a pyramid carousel from a memory of one 10 feet tall in Kathy Wolfahrts Christmas shop in Rothenburg. Google images of that place to capture the essence of the experience. I call it a carousel since it rotates like a carousel but they are really called pyramids in Germany. Fredericksburg has one they put up every Christmas in their Marktplatz. In the 14th century, the Germans mined coal and lifted the coal to the surface by lighting fires under fan
supported by pyramid shaped lifts that turned with the rising heat
from the fires. Now they are table top miniatures powered by candle
that feature a manger scene.

   Clarence Carter, a mechanical genius friend of mine, helped by
designing and welding a metal base with a mechanism that started out
with a dryer electric motor turning a gear from a lawn mower tractor
transmission to a derailleur idler arm from a bicycle with its bicycle
chain to turn a wheel barrow wheel up against a wooden disc stage on
the first level. Parts assemble up 2 additional levels to finish under
the paddles like a big fan mimicking the original full sized pyramids
18 feet tall.

   I took the mechanism and built a wooden structure embellished a
bit. Rough cedar, typical pine 2x4s, some plywood and deck screws
helped. I used a hand held scroll saw to cut curves in the cedar
aprons surrounding each level to add a European look. The design is a
timber frame approach that uses pegs and cauls to put it together
since it has to be disassembled each year. Each level progressed in my
2 car sized wood shop and involved a lot of drawings and erasures.
Things materialized on the fly using a small counter sized model to
follow that we still use to decorate the dental office at
TheDentistofAllen.com at Christmas.

    Hobby Lobby had figurines that fit perfectly to scale. They called
me in on a Saturday to pick them up only to discover it was a half off
day sale. It required a lot of tweaking with the different levels
since the manger scene remains still and the Wise Men rotate around
it. The Sheppard rotates on the second level with his sheep while the
3 Angels on the third level trumpet the amazing event standing still.
Lighting illuminates the entire scene at night where it can be seen on
the lawn of TheDentistofAllen.com, the SE corner of Exchange Pkwy and
Hwy 75 across from the clear sound barrier Berlin wall. Feel free to
step close to see or take Christmas photos; that's what it's all

Dr. David Bishop, DDS

The Echo Chamber of Holistic Medicine

 Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Holistic medicine has made a place for itself with supplemental and medicinal options for our health. Accurate supplemental intake becomes the issue since regulatory entities allow vague concentration descriptions leading one to believe they are receiving something other than what is actually delivered.

Consequently, distrust develops from ineffectiveness. Vitamin C is a case in point; labels do not depict what is actually available from the supplement when ingested.

Which ones work? Be careful since science has quantified the placebo as 30% effective. Anyone might be satisfied with 30% effectiveness if they don’t really want to see it any other way. Are you familiar with “Echo chamber” support? Read internet dialog on any issue and just believe.

What about interesting dental products like charcoal toothpaste?

The cultures from India have used it for centuries? It works by absorbing stains like a poultice? I’m not sure it is abrasive but it might be. Can you convince yourself of some kind of effectiveness? These questions are out in the open since there is no research on it. Do you “want” research evidence? I’ve read money grubbing dentists don’t really want you to find out about it. Really? Fads work off the “echo chamber” momentum.

The intuitive notion that a plastic cutting board is more sanitary than a wooden one but science proves the opposite. Legitimate evaluation comes with trials using many subjects under many environments.


This public acceptance of putting charcoal material in the mouth and convincing themselves of either effectiveness or not is interesting since extremely effective tried and true tested materials in dentistry have been eliminated with public outcry.

This is really an opportunity for a holistic approach in dental hygiene to be tested without FDA intervention and courts to defend some reaction or side effect like stomach cancer, ulcers, tissue slough, or even diarrhea and vomiting. There isn’t any need for dentists to be held responsible or even remotely involved by unusual complications that could show up like needing gallbladder surgery 4 years later.

This new test spirit among people with this charcoal in their mouth are blazing a blind trail once visited by my grandmother when she thought gasoline would reverse the effects of my poison ivy and I at 10 years old was willing to try anything.

Internet dialog is a real good indicator of a successful product like this; right?

As a practicing dentist, I’m ready to accept a successful product as I have reviewed many over my career.

I’d like to review an evaluation using legitimate scientific method before I even discuss it among colleagues. I realize this dialog is like an internet entry. My 35 year practicing career, commitment to my patients and the integrity I exemplify to my long-term staff and colleagues that continue to work by my side should make this information more valuable to you.

Dr. David Bishop, DDS


 Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Dr. David Bishop, DDS

The dentist's bedside manner is probably the highest on the list. Most people choose a physician the same way, a good listener, easy to talk to and confide with, a track record of pleased patients. There is also the relationship with the hygienist in dentistry since you see the hygienist more than the dentist. Do you get coached or lectured? You’ve heard recommendations before, you don’t need to hear them every visit.

90% of the new patients that choose The Dentist of Allen are referred by other patients.


People refer friends like themselves when they feel very comfortable with the referral. Long term employees signify a polished and steady delivery of care. Unfortunately, The Dentist of Allen recently lost an 18 year employee to retirement.

TheDentistofAllen.com has occupied a state of the art new facility built in 2013, the culmination of bringing together 3 dentists with schooling spanning 30 years (1983, 1992, 2013) to offer a strong foundation of the latest skillset available.

They provide experienced referrals when needed from tenured specialists they have had long track records with. Post doctoral training with TheDentistofAllen.com doctors provide skills not routinely required but compliment even simple procedures and of course when needed for comprehensive options like cosmetics, implants, IV sedation, and teeth in a day. Expanded hours beginning at 7am and ending at 7pm offer convenience. Several hygienists work together so families can accomplish a routine visit all at the same time.


TheDentistofAllen.com tenure delivers accomplished lab support connections that behind the scenes, delivers the quality product required for long term dental health. The time required in dentistry to accumulate this complimentary support and develop that team communication is an entire practice lifetime. Dental lab work is the finishing touch to many dental procedures including the implant, crown, All on 4, partial, denture, etc..

Care is taken to assure the best materials and skill is delivered when our labs participate. There are no “specials” in a service skilled product like dentistry, finesse and details are always lost that way, regardless of the noble intentions. That would also mean that the usual fee isn’t the best that can be offered.

Hygienists are provided an opportunity by law to provide hygiene outside of a dental practice. All fail since they can’t provide competitive fees so the reality is hygiene fees provide a service to patients at break even to a dental practice. Gimmicks are exactly what the word indicates when “enticements” are used to attract patients with advertisements; there’s always a catch. Specials for new patients only? Aren’t the existing patients that have been in the practice the ones that deserve the special.

Visit TheDentistofAllen.com for any of your dental needs knowing you are making the best choice you can make for you and your families dental health. You will not be disappointed.

David Bishop, DDS


 Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Dr. David Bishop, DDS

Stress is a challenge we all deal with. We may or may not be able to control how our body deals with it.

One vent or response to stress is clenching our teeth.

There are many terms to describe it; gnashing, clenching, grinding or bruxing. If there are differing definitions to each of those terms, the end result is still the same with the mouth;

In the past some recreational drugs caused severe clenching of teeth to the extent that many molars split in two, resulting in an extraction. Grinding teeth can occur with children to the extent that we can hear them in their sleep. Adults can grind in their sleep so annoying that their spouse can’t sleep. Some clenching can occur with no sound. Most of this involuntary problem occurs in our REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. This is a deeper type of sleep, but is not the deepest sleep we can have. Since we have no control over our actions during this sleep, how do we protect our teeth from the damage this grinding can cause?

stressed out teeth clench

Easy, eliminate stress.

Then write the book.

The issue is somewhat understood originating from ideas from the dental field but is not particularly exact science. The pattern for the eruption of teeth starts from an eruptive force of some sort, and our muscles and contacting teeth while eating guides them to their respective mature location. Cultures eating more difficult foods to chew tended to have a more ideal arrangement and set of teeth than cultures that ate softer foods. As cultures mingled, those notions got clouded when mismatched physique from a large robust German married a petite English lady. The child inherited the small mouth with big teeth and any amount of natural eruptive forces couldn’t straighten the teeth. The interferences in the guiding contours of the teeth stimulated grinding in an attempt to position the tooth into the correct alignment. Maybe?

Bruxism splints, made to help with the uncontrolled grinding of teeth, are made with an acrylic material like a retainer and cover all the teeth, or the result would cause the uncovered teeth to move orthodontically out of place. This splint is usually worn at night and repositions the mouth to an area that causes muscles to release rather than contract. It does not train us to stop grinding but helps pass through our stressful time and maybe we can put it aside until another stress cycle begins.

Most people wear them every night since it has a relieving character to it lending to a more relaxed sleep, regardless of our stress experience. This is a very superficial description of a treatment with many variables.

The Dentist of Allen can provide you with solutions to protect your teeth and maybe improve your sleep if you feel your stress is vented by clenching your teeth at night.

David Bishop, DDS