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Our dentists offer both in-house and take-home teeth whitening treatments using Opalescence® formulas. At our office, we use Opalescence® Boost, brushing on the advanced bleaching formula in 10 to 15 minute increments for one to two hours until you reach your desired shade. We provide Opalescence® PF, which comes in four strengths and three flavors, for take-home use with custom-made whitening trays. For teeth whitening treatment, you should be over 13 years old and in good dental health with no pending restorations. These procedures can help dissolve stains and brighten your smile for a fresh, confident look.

With our in-office or take-home teeth whitening treatments, you can enjoy a dramatically brighter smile. Our dentists use Opalescence®’s advanced teeth whitening formulas at our Allen, TX, office. Receive treatment chairside or brighten your teeth in the comfort of your home. Dr. David Bishop, Dr. Robert Kim, and Dr. Kris Koelker can help you determine which teeth whitening treatment is right for you. Contact our office today to learn more about teeth whitening or schedule a consultation with one of our dentists.

Who is a Candidate?

  • As an efficient and effective way to enhance your smile, teeth whitening is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures. If you are unsatisfied with your current tooth shade or suffer from staining, you may be a good candidate for teeth whitening. Our dentists may also recommend this treatment in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as dental bonding, porcelain veneers or orthodontia.

  • To be eligible for this treatment, you should be in good dental and overall health. If you need any restorative work such as fillings or dental crowns, these procedures will need to be completed first so that the tooth-colored materials used match your natural tooth shade. You should also be at least 13 years old and be willing to preserve your results with regular cleaning appointments and proper dental hygiene. At your initial consultation, our dentists will discuss your needs and examine your teeth to determine if teeth whitening is an appropriate treatment for you.

In-Office Treatment

  • For professional chairside teeth whitening, our dentists use Opalescence® Boost. On the day of your appointment, your dentist will discuss your expectations and use a tooth shade guide to determine your baseline for whitening. Then, he will apply the peroxide whitening gel to your teeth using a small brush. One of our dentists will adjust the gel to ensure that it covers the tooth evenly. We will apply the whitening treatment in 10- to 15-minute increments, carefully suctioning the gel off of your teeth and rinsing them between applications.

  • Chairside whitening typically takes between one and two hours, depending on your needs and desired results. Once your treatment has finished, our dentists may provide you with a take-home whitening kit for touch-ups and maintenance.

Whitening at Home

  • If you would prefer to whiten your teeth more gradually at home, our dentists can provide Opalescence® PF, a take-home bleaching formula. Our dentists will take an impression of your teeth to create a custom whitening tray. You will choose which of the four strengths of gel you would like to use, as well as the flavor (melon, mint, or regular). To whiten your teeth, you will place the gel in your plastic tray and wear it between 30 minutes and 10 hours (overnight) per day, depending on the strength of your chosen formula.

  • When you remove the tray, you’ll need to brush your teeth, rinse your mouth, and clean it. You will wear your tray daily until you have achieved your desired results. Our dentists will be available to answer any questions you have during the take-home whitening process.

Teeth whitening can enhance your smile and boost your confidence. To learn more about this procedure or schedule a consultation with one of our dentists, contact our office today.


Porcelain veneers are thin, durable, and beautiful tooth-colored shells that cover the front and sometimes sides of your teeth. They can correct misshapen, stained, discolored, chipped, broken, or even crooked teeth. To be eligible for porcelain veneers, you should not suffer from bruxism (grinding) and be in good oral and general health. Dr. David Bishop, Dr. Robert Kim, or Dr. Kris Koelker will shape your tooth to accommodate the veneer, take an impression, and work closely with our local partner lab to ensure your restoration is the shape, size, and color you want. After approximately two weeks, your dentist will attach your permanent veneers to complete your new smile.

Our customized porcelain veneers can quickly enhance the overall appearance of your smile. These thin, custom-made shells fit over the front and sometimes sides of your teeth to obscure a wide variety of imperfections. Dr. David Bishop, Dr. Robert Kim, and Dr. Kris Koelker can place porcelain veneers at our convenient Allen, TX, practice to correct a variety of cosmetic issues. Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the process so you can experience the straighter, brighter smile you want. To learn more about porcelain veneers or schedule a consultation with one of our dentists, contact our office today.

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

  • Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments because they are very versatile. Since they simply cover dental imperfections, this treatment can correct many cosmetic issues, including:

    • Staining or Discoloration - Patients who have stubborn stains that cannot be treated with traditional teeth whitening are good candidates for porcelain veneers. When crafting your veneer, we will work with our partner lap to ensure the desired color is achieved. Since porcelain is stain-resistant, your teeth should remain bright and beautiful with proper cleaning and care.
    • Misshapen Teeth - If your teeth appear too small, irregularly shaped, or disproportionate, porcelain veneers can give them a more uniform, symmetrical appearance. Veneers can be fabricated to take on nearly any shape, in effect enabling you to customize your smile.
    • Crookedness - Porcelain veneers serve as immediate orthodontics, instantly providing a straighter appearance. This treatment is typically much less invasive, uncomfortable, and time-intensive than traditional braces. However, it is important to note that veneers can not provide the functional benefits of an orthodontic appliance.
    • Chipped or Broken Teeth - You can improve the appearance and functionality of teeth damaged by injury or trauma with porcelain veneers. One of our dentists will provide you with more specific information about how porcelain veneers can benefit your smile at your initial consultation.

Who is a Candidate?

  • Given their benefits, many patients are interested in porcelain veneers. However, you must meet certain basic criteria to qualify for this treatment. Patients who are good candidates for porcelain veneers:

    • Do not suffer from bruxism. If you grind your teeth together, you are more likely to damage your porcelain veneers and compromise your results, requiring additional treatment or repairs.
    • Are free from cavities and periodontal (gum) disease. If you do suffer from these complications, our dentists can help by treating these issues and working with you to improve your dental hygiene regimen.
    • Have enough enamel to attach the veneers. Before porcelain veneers can be placed, a small amount of enamel must be removed in order to accommodate the prosthetic.

Our dentists can help you determine your candidacy at your initial consultation.

The Process

  • Our dentists will begin by preparing your teeth, removing a small amount of enamel so that the veneers can fit properly and look natural. Your dentist will then take an impression of your teeth to create a model for our trusted local lab. We work very closely with our lab to ensure that your veneers are the proper shade for your teeth and meet your expectations.

  • It usually takes about two weeks for our lab’s technicians to manufacture your custom veneers, during which time you may wear temporary ones. Once your permanent veneers are ready, your dentist will attach them to your teeth with strong bonding cement. If any teeth need more extensive restorative or cosmetic treatment, we may place Procera® crowns instead of, or in combination with, porcelain veneers.

Porcelain veneers can help you experience a more attractive, confident smile.

Contact our office today to learn more about this treatment or schedule a consultation with one of our excellent dentists.


Dental bonding is a process of concealing minor dental imperfections with a tooth-colored resin. Your dentist's skill and artistic touch can mask small cracks, chips, and gaps, as well as minor discoloration, with beautiful, natural-looking results. Many patients choose bonding as a way to determine if they would like to undergo a more permanent enhancement such as porcelain veneers.

We understand that sometimes very small imperfections in your smile can take a big toll on your confidence and your appearance. Fortunately, Drs. David Bishop, Robert Kim, and Kris Koelker offer dental bonding at their Allen, TX, practice. This fast, simple, and affordable treatment is a process of using tooth-colored resin to mask imperfections and give you a beautifully rejuvenated smile. If you are ready to upgrade your smile so you can feel totally confident when posing for photos, sharing a laugh with friends, or making a first impression, the Dentist of Allen is prepared to help you.


  • Dental bonding provides a range of benefits:

    • This treatment provides a fast enhancement, so you can look your best in time for a wedding, graduation, or other life event.
    • The results look natural.
    • Bonding can help you decide if you would like to undergo a more permanent treatment such as porcelain veneers.
    • With proper care, the results can last years.
    • Bonding is a fit for virtually any budget.


  • Dental bonding is a safe and effective procedure that can benefit patients in good oral health who wishe to conceal teeth that are:

    • Chipped or cracked
    • Discolored
    • Misshapen or slightly crooked
    • Have slight gaps
    • Patients with more serious dental issues, such as pronounced misalignment or extensive damage, will require restorative or general dentistry treatments before undergoing dental bonding or any other cosmetic procedure. You can depend on our team to conduct an in-depth consultation and analysis to determine if bonding is the best way to meet your goals.

The Procedure

  • Before performing the dental bonding procedure, your dentist will apply an etching solution to the teeth you wish to treat. This will help your teeth bond to the resin. Once the teeth have been micro-etched, the your dentist will apply a small amount of the resin to your teeth. This may require several layers to achieve the desired results.

  • Next, the resin will be shaped and smoothed before being hardened, or cured, with a special light. Before treatment is complete, your dentist will make any necessary adjustments to make certain you are satisfied with the results, and that your bite is comfortable and properly balanced.

Preparing for Dental Bonding with Whitening

  • Your dentist will closely match the bonding material to the color of your teeth for a natural appearance. For this reason, many patients choose to undergo teeth whitening so their bonding treatment can be matched to a brilliant, beautiful shade of white.

Your smile is important. It is often one of the very first things others notice, and it can help you make an unforgettable first impression on everyone you meet. It can also help you experience a better quality of life, allowing you to laugh, smile, and speak without worrying how others perceive your smile. If you are feeling self-conscious about minor imperfections in your smile, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with us to learn how bonding can help you look and feel your best. Our dentists' skill and artistic touch can give you the smile you have always wanted.


Many adults wish they could achieve a smile that’s perfectly straight, but the idea of wearing noticeable metal braces is just too embarrassing. Thankfully, Invisalign offers a sophisticated alternative by using a series of clear, personalized aligners instead of wires and brackets. These aligners are virtually unnoticeable and easily removable for eating and oral hygiene, making treatment simple. In 8-18 months, you could be enjoying straighter teeth that make you want to smile. We offer invisalign right in our Allen, Texas office! Contact us today for a consultation.


A smile makeover is a combination of dental treatments that are used to provide you with a healthier, more radiant smile. Your specific treatment plan will depend on your unique dental needs, facial features, and goals. Our highly skilled dentists have experience creating new and improved smiles, while boosting patients' confidence. Whether you simply need a teeth whitening, or the works, we can provide you with a smile makeover that you will want to show off.

A smile makeover is a highly specialized combination of cosmetic treatments that can dramatically improve your appearance and enhance your entire smile. If you are in good dental health, and you want to correct multiple cosmetic blemishes at once, you may be a candidate for a smile makeover. At our Allen, TX practice, Dr. David Bishop, Dr. Robert Kim, and Dr. Kris Koelker will take great care to design a procedure that is completely suited to your needs. They will evaluate your health, budget, and aesthetic goals to determine the treatments that are right for you.

Are You a Smile Makeover Candidate?

  • With a smile makeover, our dentists can address numerous aesthetic concerns for an overall improved smile. You may be a candidate for cosmetic treatment if you want to address a range of concerns, including:

    • Dental stains
    • Chipped teeth
    • Cracked teeth
    • Small gaps in between teeth
    • Minor to moderate misalignment
    • Small or unusually shaped teeth
    • To qualify for a makeover, you should have overall good oral health. However, we often include restorative treatments in our makeovers to provide a solid oral foundation. Following these or similar treatments, you may qualify for a makeover.

How Can a Smile Makeover Benefit You?

  • Because a makeover can address all aspects of your smile, it can make your smile brighter and rejuvenate your whole appearance. Along with your enhanced smile, you may also enjoy an increased sense of confidence. Combining and planning cosmetic treatments in advance can also decrease your overall treatment costs and provide a more predictable timeline.

A smile makeover is one of the most personalized treatments available. Your care will depend entirely on your unique goals for treatment. The Smile Makeover Procedure

  • Your dentist will combine two or more cosmetic procedures at one time or over a period of time for your makeover. We can often adjust the timeframe according to your needs.
  • A smile makeover is one of the most personalized treatments available. Your care will depend entirely on your unique goals for treatment. Your makeover can include:

    • Porcelain veneers: We will attach these thin shells of porcelain to the front of teeth. Veneers can refine the shape of your teeth and hide various surface blemishes.
    • Dental bonding: Bonding offers similar results to veneers. However, it is a more conservative and affordable option. For this procedure, we will apply composite resin directly to your teeth, shaping and sculpting it so that it conceals surface blemishes.
    • Teeth whitening: Both at-home and in-office whitening can dramatically brighten your smile by several shades. We can also provide take-home trays for regular touchups.
    • Tooth-colored crowns: Crowns primarily restore damaged teeth, but they can also conceal severe cosmetic damage. You can choose a crown made from porcelain for an incredibly lifelike appearance.
    • Dental fillings: If you have a metal filling that is starting to show through your tooth, we may be able to replace it with a tooth-colored composite restoration for a natural-looking result.

We are dedicated to helping each of our patients achieve the healthy and aesthetic smile they want. To begin planning your one-of-a-kind makeover, contact The Dentist of Allen today.

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