Understanding Your Dental Implants Surgery Options

During dental implants surgery at our Allen, TX, practice, one of our skilled dentists will place small titanium posts in your jaw. With their gentle hands and effective sedation options, the treatment will involve minimal discomfort. In addition, at The Dentist of Allen, we will carefully plan your procedure in advance to ensure your complete safety and long-lasting results. Dr. David BishopDr. Robert Kim, and Dr. Kris Koelker can any answers you have regarding your procedure and will do all they can to help you feel comfortable during treatment.

Graphic of stages of dental implants treatment

Planning for Implant Surgery

Before your implant surgery, we will perform a complete exam and consultation. At this time, one of our dentists will discuss your medical history and your goals for treatment. We will also take x-rays and advanced 3-D scans of your jaw to make sure that you have enough bone volume and room for implants. Bone loss and low sinuses can affect your candidacy for treatment. However, we also offer bone grafting, sinus lifts, and guided tissue regeneration. These procedures can replace lost tissue and create a solid foundation for implants.

Your initial consultation will also allow your dentist to create a precise surgical plan. First, he will determine exactly how many implants you need. If you are missing only one tooth, a single implant will be enough. If you require an implant-supported bridge, you may need two or more posts. You will need four or more implants for a full denture. Your dentist will also decide the right type of implants and procedure for your needs. We offer both traditional and mini implants. The most appropriate option will depend on your jawbone health, the size of your restoration, and the location of the implants. You may also undergo specialized surgery techniques for same-day restorations, such as the All-on-4® method.

Our Advanced Surgical Procedure

When your dentist is ready to begin treatment, he will numb your gums and jawbone. If desired, he can also provide deeper sedation to help you relax. Our office typically can provide intravenous (IV) or oral conscious sedation for your procedure. You can comfortably receive treatment and remember very little of the surgery, if any. 

Using the scans and x-rays of your jaw, one of our experienced dentists will place the implant posts, ensuring they are placed in the strongest areas of your jaw. Maximizing the strongest parts of your jaw will ensure a stable base for your restoration. When all implants are in place, your dentist will close the incisions in your gums with small, dissolvable sutures.

At The Dentist of Allen, we provide same-day restorations whenever possible. Immediately after your implant surgery, we will provide a temporary restoration. You can leave our office with full oral function.

Our dentists use advanced technology and precise techniques to provide accurate, lasting dental implants treatment.

Recovery from Traditional Implant Surgery

Recovery from traditional implant surgery will typically take between four and six months. During the recovery period, your jaw will fuse with the implants so that they become permanently fixed in your smile. Your jaw will heal around the posts so that they will replace your tooth roots. During this time you can wear a temporary restoration.

If you receive traditional implants, you will also require a second procedure. Once the implant posts have fused with your jaw, we will attach abutment pieces to connect your implant with your restoration. During this procedure, we will place small incisions in the gum to access the dental implant. The abutment will be attached. You will wait about two weeks for your gums to heal before we attach your permanent, custom-made crown, bridge, or denture to restore your smile.

Plan Your Specialized Treatment

Our dentists use advanced technology and precise techniques to provide accurate, lasting dental implants treatment. To learn more about dental implants surgery and to begin planning your custom procedure, contact The Dentist of Allen today

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