Restorative Dentistry Rejuvenates Your Smile

Dental Fillings

Without proper dental hygiene, bacteria can accumulate on your teeth. This bacteria produces acid that wears away at your enamel, causing cavities. If your tooth is decayed, Dr. David Bishop, Dr. Robert Kim, or Dr. Kris Koelker can repair it with a dental filling. Our dentists will remove the damaged portion of the tooth, clean the remaining material, and place a composite tooth-colored resin to replace the lost tissue. Your dentist will finish the filling by shaping the composite for a natural appearance and curing it with a special light. Tooth-colored fillings protect your tooth and restore its appearance so you can eat, drink, and speak more comfortably. 

Dental Crowns

If your tooth has been damaged by extensive decay, infection, or injury, you may need a dental crown. After treating the underlying dental condition, our dentists cover the remainder of the affected tooth with a prosthetic, protecting it from further injury. Our porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-porcelain, and advanced Procera® dental crowns can also help whiten and straighten your teeth, so we sometimes recommend them for cosmetic treatments. If you are missing a tooth, we can also restore dental implants with crowns for long-lasting results.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are used to replace one or more missing teeth. A bridge contains a prosthetic tooth (or multiple teeth) that is affixed to two dental crowns (either one on each side or two on one side). These crowns are secured by dental implants or surrounding healthy teeth to anchor the dental bridge. We offer porcelain-fused-to-metal, all-porcelain, and Procera® bridges to suit each patient’s unique needs, preferences, and budget. Our dentists work closely with our nearby dental lab to craft your restorations so that they fit well and look great.


We offer a wide range of dentures to help patients who are missing many or all of their teeth. These include: traditional dentures, which rest on top of the gums; implant-supported dentures, which are secured by conventional or mini implants; and fixed roundhouse bridges, which we place using the advanced All-on-4® technique. By working with our local partner lab, we often can complete your restoration in one day. Dentures can restore your ability to chew, speak, and smile comfortably, as well as enhance your appearance and protect against further complications.

Dental Implants

Our dentists place and restore dental implants to treat missing teeth. These titanium posts, which are inserted into the jawbone, provide a stable foundation for dental crowns, bridges, and dentures. Since they replace the missing tooth root and fuse with the jawbone, implants allow restorations to more closely mimic the appearance and function of natural teeth, as they will not slip out of place. We offer traditional implants, IMTEC® mini implants (which have smaller posts), and All-on-4® implants, which are strategically placed to support fixed roundhouse bridges. To be eligible for dental implants, you should have sufficient bone tissue to hold the posts in place. Otherwise, a bone grafting procedure may be necessary.

Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth are your third set of molars - the large teeth in the furthest corners of your mouth. They typically erupt during adolescence and can cause crowding and discomfort. Since they are more difficult to care for, they are also more vulnerable to decay and infection. Our dentists often recommend extracting these teeth to protect your oral health and provide for your comfort. We can also remove wisdom teeth that are impacted, meaning that they are growing in at an angle. Our dentists perform this surgery for patients of all ages. We provide oral and intravenous sedation to keep you comfortable during the procedure. 

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction combines several procedures and treatments into one comprehensive treatment plan to provide dramatic improvements for the form, function, and natural aesthetic of your smile. The treatment plan you and your dentist build is customized to your specific needs, and frequently incorporates dental implants, dental crowns, root canal therapy, and extractions. If you are missing a significant number of teeth and suffer from the effects of poor dental health, do not hesitate to contact our dentists. We can restore your smile with a smart, fast, and effective approach that addresses every oral health issue you are experiencing.

Root Canal Therapy

Patients experiencing pain and sensitivity to heat and cold may be in need of root canal therapy. The procedure is typically implemented when tooth roots have become damaged or infected, and involves the removal of this damaged tissue and the placement of a new dental crown. Your dentist will provide you with a variety of options regarding your treatment, including the choice of restoration material. Most teeth can be replaced with natural-looking porcelain or other lighter materials. Contact our practice today to stop suffering from tooth pain and replace your damaged tooth with a shiny new restoration.

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